What is it?

It is the design of the user inter­face, especial­ly the user expe­rience. Almost anyt­hing between an icon and a city plan. In Työ­maa, it is often a web­si­te, iPad applica­tion or digi­tal ser­vice concept.

But what is good UX design? It makes tech­no­lo­gy feel good. Using it is intui­ti­ve, even inti­ma­te. You can feel it in your spi­ne and you nevert­he­less for­get its exis­tence imme­dia­te­ly. It learns new ways unno­ticeably. It ser­ves the user as well as the goals of your busi­ness by sol­ving problems.

It is Työmaa’s design.

  • UI