Myrs­ky Ener­gia

Brand / Visual Identity

Fin­nish Myrs­ky Ener­gia, an all-roun­der and pace­set­ter in the ener­gy busi­ness and a young and rising com­pa­ny, nee­ded a con­vincing and memo­rable brand. Työ­maa gave the com­pa­ny dis­tinc­ti­ve mes­sa­ges and appea­rance that rely on natu­ral power.


Myrs­ky Ener­gia, foun­ded in 2020, is an ener­gy com­pa­ny wor­king hard for a more sus­tai­nable futu­re. Myrs­ky people are excel­lent pro­fes­sio­nals in the field, and the com­pa­ny itself is a dizzyingly growing beacon of renewable ener­gy in Fin­land. Myrs­ky had reac­hed a point in its growth whe­re it had achie­ved first-rate results in wind and solar power, but the brand was lag­ging behind and the com­pa­ny ima­ge didn’t match the impres­sions that the com­pa­ny aroused.

Myrs­ky ope­ra­tes dozens of pro­jects and requi­red a dis­tinc­ti­ve voice and appea­rance that would con­vey cast iron com­pe­tence and gent­le coo­pe­ra­ti­ve cul­tu­re at the same time. Työ­maa took action and, toget­her with the Myrs­ky people, crea­ted a brand that fits a com­pa­ny that’s growing towards a sig­ni­ficant posi­tion both in Fin­land and all Nor­dic count­ries.


The brand design was based on que­ries to all Myrs­ky people and the most impor­tant inte­rest groups of the com­pa­ny, as well as joint design works­hops with Myrs­ky. The com­pa­ny has emp­ha­si­sed the power of coo­pe­ra­tion through its who­le exis­tence and genui­ne­ly wan­ted to hear its emplo­yees and other clo­se ope­ra­tors, so that the quan­ti­ty as well as qua­li­ty and chan­nels of com­mu­nica­tion would meet the expec­ta­tions of the reci­pients. Throug­hout the coo­pe­ra­tion, Työ­maa has also acqui­red a great amount of infor­ma­tion about the busi­ness and rela­ted discus­sion from associa­tions, indi­vi­dual lan­dow­ners and the media, for example.

Työ­maa percei­ved that the tra­di­tio­nal ima­ge­ry of the renewable ener­gy field is in seve­re need of debun­king. Myrsky’s task is to pro­duce domes­tic renewable ener­gy to strengt­hen local vita­li­ty, impro­ve Finland’s self-suf­ficiency and sup­port the green tran­si­tion. Työ­maa con­sequent­ly star­ted to refi­ne an idea of a con­ti­nuo­us­ly renewing com­pa­ny with the envi­ron­ment as one of its most impor­tant part­ners. Myrs­ky wants to keep also other col­la­bo­ra­tors clo­se by.

The lea­ding idea was the ima­ge of the eye of a storm: a calm and cloud­less area sur­roun­ded by fierce­ly how­ling winds and pou­ring rains. Myrs­ky speaks honest­ly about proces­ses taking place in the socie­ty and its envi­ron­ment but doesn’t let them con­fuse itself or its goal. Myrs­ky antici­pa­tes futu­re events wise­ly and wants to keep its part­ners near, safe in the eye of the storm. The idea final­ly grew into a pro­mi­se that Myrs­ky is for the powers of natu­re.


The brand was crea­ted in coo­pe­ra­tion with the Myrs­ky people in design works­hops that pur­sued bold and dis­tinc­ti­ve direc­tions for Myrsky’s cha­rac­ter. It was sup­po­sed to be diver­se and con­duci­ve to com­pa­ny growth and expan­sion also bey­ond the cur­rent busi­ness lines. The goal was to crea­te a foun­da­tion for com­mu­nica­tion that isn’t just idle cla­mou­ring: somet­hing that could sup­port even wild futu­re visions.

The Myrs­ky brand sums up facts of Myrs­ky as a com­pa­ny that’s pre­sent, clears the way and at the same time genui­ne­ly apprecia­tes its work. The brand pro­mi­se ”For the powers of natu­re” means that eve­ry Myrs­ky emplo­yee knows that the grea­test power is in the natu­re: it can be used for crea­ting new value eve­ry day local­ly, natio­nal­ly and also in the Nor­dic count­ries in the futu­re. The mes­sa­ges con­vey grit and frank­ness, but also plausi­bi­li­ty and pre­sence.

The same since­ri­ty grows also in the visual appea­rance of the com­pa­ny. The clean and strong type­face of the logo reflects cla­ri­ty and natu­ral power. Ima­ges emp­ha­si­se the charm and soli­di­ty of natu­ral powers. The typo­grap­hy is conci­se, plausible and firm – it endu­res time and chan­ges. The plain­ly power­ful appea­rance under­li­nes the since­ri­ty of the mes­sa­ges.

The Myrs­ky brand has att­rac­ted lots of posi­ti­ve feed­back both insi­de the com­pa­ny and out­si­de. The clo­se deve­lop­ment coo­pe­ra­tion has given a posi­ti­ve start to brand imple­men­ta­tion. Work with Myrsky’s com­mu­nica­tion con­ti­nues.


  • Joint brand deve­lop­ment with all Myrs­ky people
  • Par­tici­pa­to­ry que­ry to inte­rest groups
  • Brand design
  • Brand book: logo and other visual ele­ments, brand pro­mi­se and essence, tone of voice, key mes­sa­ges
  • Visual mate­rials of the com­pa­ny such as docu­ment templa­tes, broc­hu­res, tra­de show mate­rials and digi­tal com­mu­nica­tion mate­rials