Arc­tic Blue Gin

Brand / Visual Identity

The world-famous Arc­tic Blue Gin from Fin­land trusts the crea­ti­ve power of Työ­maa. The part­ners­hip crea­ted the look, tone of voice, crea­ti­ve solu­tions and pac­ka­ging design that won gold at the IWSC Inter­na­tio­nal Wine & Spi­rit Com­pe­ti­tion in Lon­don.

Award-win­ning Design

For this Arc­tic bil­ber­ry gin from Ilo­mant­si, Fin­land, we wan­ted to crea­te a bott­le so ele­gant and beau­ti­ful that one must have it as a deco­ra­ti­ve object. The sto­ry on the bott­le label cap­tu­res the int­ri­guing soul of the pro­duct. The sha­pe exu­des the same poi­se as the world-recog­ni­sed Fin­nish design clas­sics. The­re­fo­re, on the inter­na­tio­nal mar­ket, the pac­ka­ge ope­ra­tes as the fres­hest ambas­sa­dor of the Fin­nish flair for design.

Spi­rits Artwork and Bott­le Design Gold Outs­tan­ding 2018

The pac­ka­ge design of Arc­tic Blue Gin won gold in the Inter­na­tio­nal Wine & Spi­rit Com­pe­ti­tion 2018 in Lon­don. The pac­ka­ging desig­ned by Työ­maa sco­red the hig­hest pos­sible Gold Outs­tan­ding award – which is bet­ter than “just” gold. This means that the design outs­tan­dingly gets over 93 points out of the pos­sible hundred from the jud­ges.

A Wort­hy Tone and Design for the Pre­mium Gin

Arc­tic Blue Gin cap­tu­res the flee­ting moment of fresh mor­ning dew in the pris­ti­ne forests of Fin­land. Työ­maa crea­ted a clean and fresh Nor­dic look for this pre­mium arti­san gin of gastro­no­my ent­husiasts’ – a look that exu­des the har­mo­ny of Finland’s excep­tio­nal­ly pure natu­re. The cor­ners­to­nes of the brand are sty­lish­ly execu­ted mar­ke­ting mate­rials, a genui­ne and thought­ful­ly desig­ned tone of voice, and hig­hest pos­sible qua­li­ty in all doing. This gene­ra­ted the concept ”Tas­te Design from Fin­land”.

In the inter­na­tio­nal World Spi­rits Award 2018 com­pe­ti­tion Arc­tic Blue Gin won the Double-Gold award and was cho­sen as the Spi­rit of the Year 2018.

Gree­tings from Suo­mi, Gin­land!

The slo­gan is Expe­rience the har­mo­ny of Arc­tic natu­re – and this is what Arc­tic Blue Gin offers. Ins­ta­gram stra­te­gy is built on breath­ta­king pho­to­graphs taken by a desig­na­ted natu­re pho­to­grap­her. With the­se pho­tos any­one can tra­vel to our unique natu­re and breat­he the har­mo­ny from all over the world.

It’s not only about the look – it’s also about the feel

The pre­miu­mi­ty of the brand needs to be tan­gible as well. The unique­ness of Arc­tic Blue Gin is emp­ha­sized in paper, coa­ting and such­li­ke mate­rial choices. Wood and other sur­face tex­tu­res with a natu­ral feel – and even scent – turn Arc­tic Blue Gin’s POS mate­rials into a com­pel­ling sen­so­ry expe­rience.

It’s in our natu­re

Sus­tai­nable and inno­va­ti­ve pac­ka­ging mate­rial solu­tions build the brand ima­ge to the wan­ted direc­tion. Arc­tic Blue Gin is a spo­kes­per­son for the unique Arc­tic envi­ron­ment; A genui­ne­ly natu­re-res­pec­ting fore­run­ner brand that fights the cli­ma­te chan­ge and wants to pre­ser­ve the pure Arc­tic natu­re for the futu­re gene­ra­tions to come.

From Työ­maa to Fin­land and the World: