As a long-term part­ner of Pons­se, Luo­va Työ­maa has brought its know-how to the com­pa­ny.

Pons­se has grown con­si­de­rably. The com­pa­ny star­ted in Vie­re­mä – a litt­le town in the mean­de­ring wood­land of Nort­hern Savo­nia. Since then, the com­pa­ny has been very success­ful on the glo­bal mar­ket.

Pons­se has trus­ted the brand pro­mi­se: “A Logger’s Best Friend”. It means that Pons­se does eve­ryt­hing it can to meet log­gers’ expec­ta­tions. This inclu­des both the ser­vice atti­tu­de and the relia­bi­li­ty, pro­duc­ti­vi­ty and ergo­no­mics of the mac­hi­nes.

The pro­mi­se A Logger’s Best Friend must also be deli­ve­red clear­ly and cre­dibly throug­hout the mar­ke­ting and com­mu­nica­tion. Relia­bi­li­ty is eve­ryt­hing.

Luo­va Työ­maa has been Ponsse’s long-term part­ner and brought its know-how to the com­pa­ny. Pons­se has given plen­ty excel­lent chal­len­ges to Luo­va Työ­maa during this part­ners­hip  – visual design, tone of voice, brand iden­ti­ty main­te­nance and deve­lop­ment, cam­paign and concepts, cus­to­mer magazi­nes to the inter­na­tio­nal mar­ket, events with few hec­ta­re stands and cons­tant­ly evol­ving pro­ducts with their launc­hings.