As a long-term partner of Ponsse, Luova Työmaa has brought its know-how to the company.

Ponsse has grown considerably. The company started in Vieremä – a little town in the meandering woodland of Northern Savonia. Since then, the company has been very successful on the global market.

Ponsse has trusted the brand promise: “A Logger’s Best Friend”. It means that Ponsse does everything it can to meet loggers’ expectations. This includes both the service attitude and the reliability, productivity and ergonomics of the machines.

The promise A Logger’s Best Friend must also be delivered clearly and credibly throughout the marketing and communication. Reliability is everything.

Luova Työmaa has been Ponsse’s long-term partner and brought its know-how to the company. Ponsse has given plenty excellent challenges to Luova Työmaa during this partnership  – visual design, tone of voice, brand identity maintenance and development, campaign and concepts, customer magazines to the international market, events with few hectare stands and constantly evolving products with their launchings.