Tiistaitärppi: A story well told?

We all know it: a good story is essential to a brand. And true it is.

A good story can help a brand gain equity when people can relate to it and thus create an emotional bondage with the product or service. The new social era literally screams for good brand stories. With constant information overflow, consumers are willing to grasp something that touches them deeper.

But how, then, to create a juicy story to enhance brand building?

First, it needs to be in line with your brand values and the attributes you want people to associate with your brand. But most importantly,  every word of the story needs to be true.

We’ve seen miserable attempts at building brand equity on a tale that doesn’t resonate with the true values of the brand or its representatives’ behaviour. In worst cases, the whole emotion-packed story has been pure fabrication, and the gained brand value very quickly flows down the drain. Credibility can only be lost once, and gaining it back is a painful path.

So, get out there, create an emotional, touching story for your brand.

But make sure that however juicy it may be, every word of it must be true. And all those involved with the brand must stand behind every word of the story and speak for it in each touch point with the brand!

Saara Orvola, Account Director

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