Tiis­tai­tärp­pi: A sto­ry well told?

We all know it: a good sto­ry is essen­tial to a brand. And true it is.

A good sto­ry can help a brand gain equi­ty when people can rela­te to it and thus crea­te an emo­tio­nal bon­da­ge with the pro­duct or ser­vice. The new social era lite­ral­ly screams for good brand sto­ries. With cons­tant infor­ma­tion overflow, con­su­mers are wil­ling to grasp somet­hing that touc­hes them dee­per.

But how, then, to crea­te a juicy sto­ry to enhance brand buil­ding?

First, it needs to be in line with your brand values and the att­ri­bu­tes you want people to associa­te with your brand. But most impor­tant­ly,  eve­ry word of the sto­ry needs to be true.

We’ve seen mise­rable attempts at buil­ding brand equi­ty on a tale that doesn’t reso­na­te with the true values of the brand or its repre­sen­ta­ti­ves’ beha­viour. In worst cases, the who­le emo­tion-pac­ked sto­ry has been pure fabrica­tion, and the gai­ned brand value very quickly flows down the drain. Cre­di­bi­li­ty can only be lost once, and gai­ning it back is a pain­ful path.

So, get out the­re, crea­te an emo­tio­nal, touc­hing sto­ry for your brand.

But make sure that howe­ver juicy it may be, eve­ry word of it must be true. And all tho­se invol­ved with the brand must stand behind eve­ry word of the sto­ry and speak for it in each touch point with the brand!

Saa­ra Orvo­la, Account Direc­tor

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